If you are a mobile or web developer I’ll bet you heard about Flutter. Also, I’ll bet that you are React or ReactNative coder and search for a more comfortable, faster, and better (for your job) alternative.

Let's be honest, React Native not perfect… We are at npm dependency hell, have problems with hot reloading, big app size, UI performance problems, and so on. But we are on a tradeoff about fast time to market, easy to find coders (thanks to JS), and JS on backends which allow us to share team between frontend and backend.

As of React Native…

When you start to learn React or Vue or another new frontend framework you know these magic commands: npm install, npm build. Only after them, we deploy our ‘public’ directory.

But what if I say there is a way you don't need to build anything and just insert JS code into your HTML page. Many new frontend developers even don’t know that there is a way to use React and Vue without build step and npm.

What if we don’t need to build and even npm?

Don’t rush to hate me and write evil comments. …

Svelte vs vue and react
Svelte vs vue and react

This article will be useful for people like us, who decided to try Svelte in a live project. Our small team got some work on Frontend development of small web admin panel with MongoDB Stitch as a backend.

Last few years we are creating a frontend on React and Vue (depends on the project size and necessity of ReactNative for the mobile application).

But we all heard about how Svelte is cool and beautiful, so we decided to try it out. Maybe we will even use it instead of Vue or React? Let’s see…

Who is Svelte?

In a few words —…

Max Geek

Startup’er, polyglot full stack software engineer and traveler.

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